WAAST Prayer Guide – August 28, 2022

This week pray for CHURCH PLANTERS

WAAST students and alumni who serve as pastors are also most likely involved in church planting, as churches mother “annex” churches. These annexes might be in the same area, providing places of worship within walking distance of more people, or may be in a town, city, or village many miles away. A team, usually of trained laymen from the mother church, and perhaps an evangelist, visits the area, going door to door to meet people and to invite them to gatherings. They may show a gospel film, provide music, and preach over several days or weeks. As people respond, they meet to disciple them and establish the core of a church. As this work grows, it eventually becomes a sovereign church with its own pastor and repeats the process. Some workers feel called to pioneer churches in areas where the true gospel has not been presented, and may be sent as home missionaries to these more difficult areas. In Togo, Bible institute students are now required to plant a viable church before returning for their last year of classroom study.

Please pray

  • for God’s strategic direction as to where to open new works, and for favor in these communities and with the authorities;
  • for provision for new churches, for land and resources to build a meeting place;
  • for the church-planting teams as they introduce the gospel in areas where other belief systems dominate;
  • for more pioneers called and willing to begin works in the most needy places: where people are resistant, where poverty is great and opportunities are lacking, where spiritual strongholds need to be broken, where people need to know God’s love and be delivered by His power!