WAAST Prayer Guide – March 14, 2021


Nigeria is Africa’s most populous nation, with 206 million people and more than 500 indigenous people groups. Since the 1940s, the Assemblies of God Nigeria has been planting churches, training and sending workers to pastor and evangelize, and using print and later radio, TV, and social media to reach people with the gospel message. Current challenges facing the Church include ongoing Islamic terrorist activity in the northern and central regions (often targeting Christians), false religions, skewed doctrine in many independent churches, and political issues. COVID-19 shut down the churches and slowed efforts for some time in 2020, but the 12 Bible schools and other ministries have resumed.

Please pray

  • that the Holy Spirit would fill the leaders of the Nigeria AG with God’s wisdom and a sense of unity as they confront spiritual, economic, and political issues that would impede the spread of the gospel;
  • for ministries to young people, from schoolchildren to university students; more than half of Nigeria’s people are under age 22;
  • for churches and believers in Muslim-dominated areas; pray they may be lights in their communities;
  • for the church-planting efforts going on in the “Decade of Rapid Multiplication” (2015-2025) and for more workers in this great harvest.

Look What the Lord Has Done!

Praise God for the establishment of more than 4,000 new churches since 2015.

Bible school courses are currently being translated into the Hausa language. The Hausa make up 30% of Nigeria’s population, and most are staunchly Muslim. Pray that many Hausa believers would be trained to reach others with God’s truth.