WAAST Prayer Guide – July 3, 2022


PAThS serves the entire continent of Africa, offering PhD and DMin degrees in the areas of theology, leadership, and education to Assemblies of God and other Pentecostal workers. Twelve students from West and East Africa arrive on the WAAST campus this week for classes. While this cohort is smaller, due mainly to the pandemic, the PAThS program is growing and expanding its reach. Nearly 20 students are studying in an extension center in Tanzania. The French program is being launched, and the first cohort of 21 students–20 of whom are WAAST graduates—is already full. Some have started their prerequisite Greek course online and will continue on campus later this year, and the full cohort will begin classes in June 2023. While most of the administrators are U.S.-based, five missionaries now resident on the campus work full- or part-time with PAThS, serving both the English and French programs. WAAST alumnus Dr. Honoré Daplex (Côte d’Ivoire) is serving as the new chancellor. To date, PAThS has produced 45 graduates (among them 23 WAAST alumni) from 14 African nations and the U.S.

Let’s pray

  • for safe travels for students, staff, and faculty who are traveling to Togo from around Africa and from the U.S.;
  • for more faculty, administrators, and staff who are qualified and willing to serve in this very specialized training program ;
  • for more qualified people to help with the administration and teaching in the French program;
  • for strength and perseverance for those who are working on their dissertations and those who are defending them in order to graduate this year.