WAAST Prayer Guide – July 18, 2021


This past week the last of the trusses was hauled up and welded into place on the three-story dormitory, and now the roof will go on and inside work can begin. During 2020, while the campus was largely shut down, many needed repairs and renovations were completed on four dormitories. Another dwelling is being prepared to house students. Plans are in the works to add floors to two existing dorms as the housing needs grow. More classroom space is also becoming a pressing need, and will necessitate renovations or construction. In the library, new books continue to be cataloged, and more shelving has been added to accommodate them. Some new resources have been obtained in French, but finding appropriate Pentecostal/evangelical books at the college level remains a challenge.

Please pray

  • that work on the dorm will continue to progress well, and for the safety of the workers;
  • for wisdom in renovating or re-purposing areas to provide more classroom space as the school grows;
  • for a more consistent Internet connection, especially as more classes are taking place through teleconferencing;
  • for more good French materials;
  • for the upcoming semester: some 240 students are expected, and both housing and classroom space are inadequate. Pray for creative solutions.

Look What the Lord Has Done!

Thank God for

  • the good progress on the new dormitory, and for providing an experienced overseer for the project;
  • answered prayer concerning the dorm renovations and the funds for them.