WAAST Prayer Guide – January 31, 2021


Poverty, the ongoing terrorist threat, disease, and lack of education—some or all of these affect the majority of the 17 million people in this large Sahelian nation. Nearly 80 of of its 130+ people groups are still unreached by the gospel. Most of these groups follow their traditional African religions or Islam. The Assemblies of God of Chad, led by a WAAST alumnus, reaches out through its 160 churches, some of whom run schools, and through clinics. Its two Bible schools train pastors and church planters. Workers from other African nations and some Western nations serve alongside Chadian believers. While Chad has had only some 3,000 cases of COVID-19, restrictions and lockdowns have greatly affected the fragile economy and health-care system.

Please pray

  • for the Bible schools as they continue to train pastors and church planters;
  • for miraculous provision for Bible school students in Moundou and for the AG school that teaches their children and others from the community;
  • for a team of workers who are currently seeking housing in one city, that God would guide them and prepare hearts in these neighborhoods;
  • that God would raise up more workers willing to share the hope of the gospel with the 478,000 refugees who have fled into Chad from surrounding nations due to terrorist activity;
  • for peace during the upcoming presidential election in April, and for wisdom for government leaders.