WAAST Prayer Guide – January 30, 2022

This week pray for CONGO-BRAZZAVILLE

Some 85% of the people in the Republic of Congo consider themselves Christians, but traditional religious beliefs still have a great influence in the lives and practices of many. Some evangelical and “revival” churches preach an unbalanced “prosperity gospel” and other false doctrines. The Assemblies of God churches are known for their solid doctrine, and the director of the AG Bible school notes that many pastors of these revival churches are now coming there for training. The school currently has 61 students in day and night classes. While most AG churches have a trained pastor, a few are led by trained lay workers. Some AG churches have agricultural and other revenue-generating projects that help them to serve their rural or suburban communities. To date, 22 Congolese have graduated from WAAST and are involved in church leadership, church planting, and training. Two alumni share the following prayer requests:

Please pray

  • for the leaders of the Congo Assemblies of God, for the direction of the Holy Spirit and for unity as they move through a year of transition and hold fresh elections later this year;
  • for revival in the churches, growth, and a greater passion for missions;
  • that God would call more true believers into full-time ministry and open the door for them to be trained in the Bible school;
  • for “the power of the Holy Spirit in the teaching” at the Bible school, and for more qualified professors;
  • for God’s provision to finance His work in the churches, Bible school, and outreach.