WAAST Prayer Guide – January 3, 2021

Challenges Facing WAAST

WAAST celebrates 50 years in 2021, and God has shown himself faithful! 2020 brought unprecedented challenges. Classes were abruptly ended in March, and the MA courses could not be held. Only a few students from outside Togo were able to attend the second semester. Graduation was held a month late, for the 34 who completed the program. Some of the extension centers were not able to hold classes after March. Construction of a new dormitory has begun, but a general contractor is needed immediately to oversee the project. As of now, Togo’s land borders remain closed, preventing most students from surrounding countries from coming to the campus for the new semester, starting March 1.

Please pray

  • that borders will open and students can attend the upcoming semester;
  • that all extension centers can resume class sessions in their respective nations;
  • for a contractor to oversee the dorm project;
  • for several families who are currently raising funds or otherwise preparing to serve full-time at WAAST.

Look What the Lord Has Done!

Several prayer requests given last year have been (or are being) answered. Praise God with us for

  • five qualified professors from several nations, coming to serve full-time at WAAST;
  • a registrar to assume the duties of the former registrar, who recently retired;
  • needed repairs made on several dormitories, and good progress on the new dorm, which will house 72.