WAAST Prayer Guide – January 17, 2021


Nearly 100 church leaders from Benin have graduated from WAAST over the years, including the current general superintendent. Some graduates direct and teach in the two Assemblies of God Bible schools and in lay-training programs, preparing more pastors for the 1,700+ churches and annexes around the country. Due to COVID-19 restrictions, the Bible schools were able to take in only 58 new students in 2020, though many more were ready to come. The pandemic has greatly affected the economy, and many pastors are living with little support. The AG NGOs that offers various services continues but struggle for lack of funds. Praise God, the Benin AG has been able to continue supporting its four missionary units in other countries and its 33 home missionaries.

Please pray

  • for provision and encouragement for church leaders who have lost support, and for provision for their members during these difficult days;
  • that many more God-called men and women would be able to enroll in the Bible schools this year;
  • that the Benin AG would be able to send missionaries into two new countries this year as planned;
  • for those serving in resistant areas of the country where Islamic and/or animistic influences are strong—may they see a great spiritual breakthrough;
  • for resources for new church plants.

Look What the Lord Has Done!

The Bible schools have a total enrollment of 225 students, with more than 100 more waiting to enter.

This past November, the AG-Benin marked its 75th anniversary. From its beginning in 1945, the AG here has grown to more than 450,000 adherents.