WAAST Prayer Guide – February 13, 2022

This week pray for LIBERIA

In January two WAAST graduates were among those elected to lead the Assemblies of God, Liberia, as general superintendent and general secretary. Church planting is a major emphasis, as the AGL is working to double the number of churches and preaching points over the next two years, to some 1,400 congregations. Seven Bible schools train pastors and workers—and many more will be needed! WAAST has graduated 27 Liberians, who serve in church leadership and as Bible school directors and teachers, pastors, church planters, and missionaries. They face great challenges as they reach their communities. While Liberia is considered a Christian nation, the predominant religion remains animism, and many who claim to follow Jesus still cling to traditional spirit worship. Five people groups are considered unreached, all of which follow Islam. To penetrate these strongly animistic and Islamic areas, the AGL broadcasts Christian programs on “The Voice of Hope” and other radio stations. Some churches reach out through Christian schools and other social services. WAAST graduates share the following prayer requests:

Please pray

  • most importantly, for revival, and for unity within the AGL;
  • “for the AGL to effectively engage in missions and evangelism,” and for the work of their 15 home missionaries and 2 foreign missionaries;
  • for more effective outreach into five Muslim-dominated counties in the north and west, and for the deployment of missionaries to Guinea and Sierra Leone by 2025;
  • for workers and resources for church-planting efforts throughout the country, and particularly for more church plants in Rivercess County, a rural area in south-central Liberia;
  • for more God-called people to enter the Bible schools to prepare for full-time ministry, and for human and material resources for these schools.