WAAST Prayer Guide – December 4, 2022

This week pray concerning SYNCRETISM & CULTS

When a person comes to Christ, he is a new creation (2Co 5:17). He has direct access to God through Jesus, and the Holy Spirit begins His sanctifying work. However, beliefs that have been inculcated since childhood are not easily dismissed. New believers who had put their trust in a fetish priest and his instructions and charms may transfer this trust to a “prophet” and his anointed oil or holy water, instead of in Jesus and the power and guidance of the Holy Spirit. Sadly, some church leaders encourage this, demanding payment for prayers and blessings or selling “anointed” objects. Such mixing of beliefs and rituals from unrelated religions is called “syncretism,” and it can be obvious or quite subtle. Looking for a “better” life in this world, many Christians are attracted to “prosperity” teachings, to the neglect of truly following Jesus and working for the interests of His kingdom. Believers who are not grounded in God’s Word and growing in faith may fall prey to cults that promote social status and wealth (e.g., Freemasonry). Some agree to follow Islam in exchange for support, a well, or education for their children. Others may seek “the god within” through eastern religions.

Please pray

  • for Christians who struggle to leave behind ingrained beliefs and rituals of their past, that they might develop an intimate relationship with their Savior and learn to listen to and obey the Holy Spirit;
  • for leaders who claim to be shepherds, but who preach deceptive, self-serving doctrine and lead people from the truth, that the Spirit would graciously convict them;
  • for church leaders and mature believers as they teach people to know God’s Word and thus to discern false teachings;
  • for strength for believers who face pressure or persecution from those of other faiths, family members, or the community as they take a stand for Jesus.