WAAST Prayer Guide – December 26, 2021


In Africa, as around the world, COVID-19 restrictions brought about a surge of interest in and application of social media platforms to broadcast services to church members and others. While some WAAST students and alumni already work with media, including radio, TV and online programs, many others by necessity learned quickly to broadcast services and to use WhatsApp and other online groups to hold Bible studies, prayer meetings, and more. Churches are now able to meet, but many have chosen to continue online as well. Many whose religion forbids their going to a church “listen in” and ask questions and receive counseling online. Some WAAST alumni are involved in Bible translation, making God’s Word available in print and audio form in the heart languages of various groups. Others provide literacy classes so that people can read the Bible and other works, opening up a new world to them.

Please pray

  • for the Spirit’s anointing on those who write and produce Christian programs and literature for evangelism and discipleship training;
  • for the growth of those in new house churches that have been established through the use of media during this pandemic period;
  • for stable Internet access, especially in places where the gospel message is restricted or conflict disrupts life, so that more can be reached and discipled;
  • for health and divine protection for translation and literacy-training teams, some of whom work among people who oppose them; may the Spirit use them to bring about a spiritual breakthrough in these communities.