WAAST Prayer Guide – August 7, 2022

This week pray for RADIO JESUS LOVES YOU

Every day, from 5 a.m. to midnight, RJLY brings the gospel into homes, markets, and businesses from its studio on the WAAST campus. At least a million listeners enjoy preaching, Bible studies, call-in shows, programs on family and social issues, and others for young people and children. People who do not yet know Jesus are drawn by the lively music, by programs that address pressing issues and clearly present answers (the gospel!), and by the invitation to call and talk to someone about their faith. RJLY has been faced recently with both new challenges and new opportunities. Last year, Islamists co-opted the Radio’s Web site, which was then shut down. The site is being completely rebuilt for relaunch in the next few weeks. Also, at the behest of governments, FM radio signals have been blocked from crossing borders, so that stations in Togo cannot be heard in Benin or Ghana, and vice versa, limiting RJLY’s reach into these nations. Opportunities for greater reach are coming, however, as the Assemblies of God TV station, Radio-Television Jesus Loves You, has begun broadcasting by satellite. When the government gives authorization, RJLY will move from the WAAST campus to the TV site and be able to broadcast the Good News via satellite.

Please pray

  • for the successful relaunch of the RJLY Web site so more can listen via Internet;
  • for government authorization so that RJLY may move and broadcast via satellite;
  • for wisdom for the station’s director and staff, its doctrinal committee, and presenters as they work to ensure that all programming content is biblical and godly and as they respond to inquirers;
  • for funds for new equipment as older equipment wears out, and for the completion of the three TV studios in the RT-JLY building;
  • for still more souls to be brought into the Kingdom through Radio Jesus Loves You.