WAAST Prayer Guide – August 21, 2022

This week pray for PASTORS

Most WAAST students and alumni serve as pastors or associate pastors. Some reach diverse populations in large, bustling cities. Others serve in rural villages where traditions are entrenched and change comes slowly. In these places and every place in between, they seek to bring people to Jesus! They face various challenges: Traditional spirit worship and sects that propagate false doctrine keep many people bound in fear. False “Christian” teachings concerning prosperity tempt many to seek riches and a kingdom on earth, not in heaven. In many areas Islam is growing and luring new adherent, offering wells, food, support, and more—and persecuting those who choose to follow Jesus. Some churches are in zones where political or religious conflicts are raging. This year inflation has pushed food and fuel prices up significantly, making the lives of already struggling people more difficult. In these contexts, pastors continue to reach out, preaching, discipling, encouraging, counseling (sometimes with secret believers). With their members, they help meet social and material needs in the community as they can, showing God’s love in tangible ways.

Please pray

  • that the Holy Spirit would encourage each pastor and his family members as they minister in their particular challenging context, reassuring them of God’s call and His presence with them;
  • for divine wisdom for pastors as they help people with their spiritual, emotional, and even physical needs, pointing them always to Jesus as their Source and Savior;
  • for health, strength, and material provision for pastors and their families;
  • for the continued spiritual growth of each pastor, that he may be conscious of his dependence on the Holy Spirit and continually seek His infilling.