WAAST Prayer Guide – August 15, 2021


For the past 10 years, the tabernacle fabrication shop on the WAAST campus has blessed many churches with a roofed steel shelter in which to meet. A Togolese team and US teams set up the structures, and the receiving congregations complete their building with a floor and walls as the Lord provides. In 2020, pandemic restrictions brought most church-planting and construction projects to a halt for many months. Building teams from the US were not able to travel to Togo. But since October, the shop has been put to good use for the construction of the three-story dormitory on campus. Recently the 20 trusses were put up and the roof put on.

Please pray

  • that the pandemic may subside and that projects might be safely resumed;
  • that teams from the US may return, and for their protection as they travel and work;
  • for provision for churches to purchase land on which to build and to enclose their tabernacle;
  • for opportunities to erect tabernacles in areas of the country where many people resist the gospel. A solid building cannot be easily burned down, and often serves as a testimony of God’s provision.