WAAST Prayer Guide – April 4, 2021


The Assemblies of God of Burkina Faso recently concluded its 100th-anniversary-celebration, dedicating its new national headquarters and passing the torch to the young people, the future pastors and leaders. The AG here has grown to some 5,000 churches and more than a million adherents. The missions department sends workers to other nations and to less-reached ethnic groups at home. Despite the COVID-19 pandemic and continued terrorist threats, new churches are opening, and some pastors and members who had fled the north are now returning home. The WAAST extension center, which meets on the main Bible school campus, was able to hold both of its sessions in 2020 and one earlier this year. More trained leaders and teachers are needed to serve in Burkina’s 10 Bible schools to train still more for this growing church.

Please pray

  • for more applicants for this center, and for provision for students; about 35 are in the program but economic challenges or work commitments will keep some from participating in the upcoming session in June;
  • that the center may obtain its own facility;
  • that the Lord would call many of Burkina’s young people into His service, fill them with His Spirit, and open the door for them to attend a Bible school;
  • that churches that had been closed in the unstable northern and eastern regions may reopen, and that members would be great witnesses in their communities.

Look What the Lord Has Done!

Thank God for His protection during the regional and national celebrations, held over several months, and for the favor and positive influence that the AG has in the nation.

Thank God for new works that have been planted by pastors who were displaced from their own churches—and that some of them are now able to return home.