WAAST Prayer Guide – January 2, 2022


We praise God that the 2021 academic year, though challenging, was successful beyond expectation. WAAST graduated its largest class in its 50-year history, as many students who could not complete the program in 2020 were able to finish. This year, though some pandemic-related constraints continue, we look forward to welcoming many new students, both on the central campus in February and in the extension centers. The school’s major challenges are growth-related. The new dormitory needs to be completed by August, in time for the influx of third-year students from extension centers. More thesis mentors are needed in both the French and English sections, as well as additional qualified professors, particularly at the Master’s level. COVID-19 remains a concern, especially with students traveling from many countries.

Please pray

  • that God would pour out his Spirit during each session in 2022, that students, faculty, and staff may be inspired and further enabled to participate in God’s mission to the nations;
  • that the Lord would continue to call and send His chosen servants to be trained at WAAST;
  • for the completion of the new dorm, and for the provision of more professors and mentors to serve the growing number of students;
  • for physical health and strength for the missionaries, staff, and administrators on the central campus and at the extension centers, and that no COVID-19 outbreak would disrupt the school year.

Look What the Lord Has Done!

Praise God for meeting several of the needs we prayed for last year:

  • Five new families have joined the resident staff to work with WAAST and/or PAThS (the doctoral program).
  • A contractor has been visiting as well as overseeing the dorm project from the U.S., and the project is progressing well.
  • The Lord protected the campus from an outbreak of COVID-19.