WAAST Prayer Guide – April 17, 2022


Nearly all of WAAST’s 200 graduates from Cameroon have passed through this extension center in Mbalmayo. They serve as pastors, Bible school directors and teachers, church-planters, youth and children’s ministers, and more, most with the Full Gospel Mission and the Assemblies of God Cameroon. The center begins its first semester of 2022 on April 25 and expects 23 returning students and a new intake. Thirteen students are hoping to come to Togo in August to complete their studies. Many of these students need to see miracles of provision and protection to attend, due to inflation and the continuing conflict in the English-speaking regions. Another challenge for this center—and for these Pentecostal churches—is that some of their pastors and leaders are opting for other training programs that are evangelical but not Pentecostal. An administrator at the center shares several prayer requests.

Please pray

  • “that our leaders and pastors would realize the danger of a non-Pentecostal theology for the church and encourage our pastors to go through WAAST;
  • “for the socio-political situation of the country, which seriously influences the harmony of the church and the financial income of the Bible school;”
  • that the Lord would provide for and safely bring all the new and returning students to the center to begin classes on the 25th, and for the health of the students, professors, and workers during the session;
  • for provision for those coming to Togo, as travel costs are increasing;
  • “for God’s protection against diabolical attacks on the center;”
  • for upcoming elections of executive leaders of the Full Gospel Mission, that they would go smoothly and according to God’s will.