WAAST Prayer Guide – January 9, 2022

This week pray for BENIN

Despite the challenges of economic difficulties and opposition from adherents of other religions, the Assemblies of God of Benin continues to evangelize, plant churches, train new workers, serve their communities, and send missionaries. Nearly 100 WAAST alumni are an important part of this work as they serve, in national-church leadership and as pastors, church planters, Bible school directors and teachers, trainers of lay-workers, missionaries, and more. More trained workers are needed as the number of churches outpaces the number of pastors ; some oversee multiple churches, or put them under the care of a trained lay leader. Due to the pandemic, the two Bible schools limited the number of new students last year, but graduated more than 100 and plan to admit more this year. Church-planting effort continue. The Benin AG has 4 missionary units serving in other West African nations, as well as 34 home missionaries, and hopes to send a couple to Senegal as well as 3 more home missionaries in 2022.

Please pray

  • that pastors and church planters would see God provision, and for God’s blessing on the church members as they give to support Kingdom work in these difficult times;
  • for expanded facilities for both Bible schools; an alumnus notes, “We have many who are called, but the dorms and classrooms are not sufficient to hold them all”, and many are still on a waiting list;
  • for funds for land and buildings for new church plants;
  • for the home and foreign missionaries, all of whom work in Muslim contexts, and particularly for the missions stations in Guinea-Conakry and Senegal.