WAAST Prayer Guide – December 12, 2021


Many WAAST students and alumni minister in Muslim areas—some because this is where the Lord has placed them, others because Muslims are moving into their areas as Islam spreads throughout West and Central Africa. Some were once Muslims themselves and seek to bring others out of Islam ; for others, learning to purposefully reach out to these neighbors is a new challenge. These workers must patiently pray for them, build relationships, wisely answer their theological questions, and find opportunities to offer help and even pray with them for their needs. Many face opposition in the communities where they minister, and those people who choose to leave Islam and follow Jesus often need the help and support of these workers as they are rejected by their families. While in some regions these workers may not be able to preach openly, their lives can be an open book that illustrates to Muslim “readers” the love of God.

Please pray

  • for strength, wisdom, and encouragement for those serving in Muslim contexts, and for favor in the communities;
  • for divine opportunities to explain the gospel as the Holy Spirit works in Muslim hearts, often through dreams, and for power encounters of healing and deliverance;
  • for the families of these workers, who often come under spiritual and even physical attacks of the Enemy;
  • for resources to help new converts who face rejection because of their faith;
  • that those who fear Muslims would see them as the Lord does and share His desire to reach them.