WAAST Prayer Guide – April 3, 2022


The WAAST extension center, held on the campus of the main Bible school in Ouagadougou, just completed its first session of 2022, with 17 students. Over the years WAAST has graduated 140 workers from Burkina Faso. Three alumni were recently elected to serve on the Burkina Assemblies of God executive committee. Most graduates serve as pastors; others lead women’s, youth, and children’s ministries or serve as home or foreign missionaries. Some oversee schools, media ministries, and compassion ministries. As new churches are added to the 5,000+ already established, more workers need to be trained! The Burkina AG has 12 Bible schools and training programs and a training school for missionaries, and many WAAST alumni direct and teach in these programs. In recent years, as Islamic extremists have forced people to leave their homes and livelihoods, the Burkina AG has mobilized pastors, churches, and members in the safer areas to offer aid and shelter to many of Burkina’s 1.5 million internally displaced people and to help provide schooling for their children.

Please pray

  • for God’s provision for students in the center, and that he would open the door for more to attend;
  • for peace in this nation, which has suffered great instability over the past five years due to terrorist activity;
  • that displaced Burkinabé, many of whom are Muslims, would find hope and peace in Jesus as Christians minister to them;
  • for the Spirit’s anointing on the new leadership committee of the Burkina AG and for His continued blessing on their evangelistic and missionary efforts.