WAAST Prayer Guide – March 6, 2022

This week pray for NIGER

This desert land is located in Africa’s Sahel region, which has become the world’s epicenter of Islamic terrorism. Most of Niger’s 23 million people follow a moderate form of Islam, but extremists are working to radicalize and recruit young people. The government does permit freedom of worship, and churches can meet and believers can share their faith legally. Since its beginning in 1991, the Niger Assemblies of God has been active in evangelizing, planting churches, and training church leaders, as well as in social works such as famine relief and schools. When 15 AG churches and pastors’ homes were burned by terrorists in 2015, the congregations rebuilt and continued to reach out in love, gaining great respect in the communities. This past month several leaders from the four Niger AG training institutes, for pastors and for lay workers, participated in a conference on the WAAST campus. One Bible school director, a WAAST graduate, shares several prayer requests:

Please pray

  • that God would protect His people and those who are seeking Him; in his town, visitors to church are watched and often followed afterward, which intimidates many;
  • for the continued good witness of the churches in the face of persecution in some communities. This director’s church was burned down in 2019, and the congregation is expanding it as they rebuild, “to tell others that nothing can stop the Lord’s work”;
  • for the spiritual growth of seekers and new believers, many of whom have heard the gospel through radio programs or other media; some are forbidden to attend church and are being discipled privately;
  • that God would call more workers to prepare themselves in the Bible and lay-training schools, and that He would use them in great ways;
  • for the AG primary and secondary schools in Maradi, consistently at the top of the national list for quality education. Most of its 1500+ students come from Muslim families.