Radio Jesus Loves You (Gospel Radio)

In 1995, a small radio station, Radio Jesus Loves You, was set up on the campus to introduce students to this medium of ministry. Since that time, the ministry of RJLY has has a tremendous impact on the Lomé area and well beyond.

The station broadcasts 18 hours a day. Music and gospel programs are aired in French, English, and at least 12 other languages. The station receives 75-100 calls a day from listeners responding to programs concerning the Bible, ethics, relationships, current events, live broadcasts of the WAAST International Chapel’s Sunday morning services, and more.

In October 2001 a relay antenna was installed on a mountain outside of Lomé, allowing the signal to reach almost to Accra, Ghana, to the west, and into Benin, to the east. As soon as permission is received a relay antenna will be placed on the mountains to the north to allow the signal to reach northern Togo. As of August 2010, RJLY can be heard on the Internet. A taller radio tower and stronger antenna system were installed in May 2011, allowing 3 million people to tune in to “The Frequency of Hope.”

In 2013 Radio Jesus Loves You was turned over to the Assemblies of God of Togo. The station remains on the WAAST campus.

Listen to RJLV live on the Internet.