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Welcome to the West Africa Advanced School of Theology in Lomé, Togo! Here you’ll meet people from many lands who have one passion in common: the evangelization of Africa for the glory of God!

The Church is exploding across Africa. In the Assemblies of God, churches are mothering new churches as people respond to the call to follow Jesus. But there is one problem: Where do you find pastors for these new works? Some countries have literally hundreds of churches without trained pastors to lead them. Some of these churches fall into tragic error.

The West Africa Advanced School of Theology (WAAST) exists to train African pastors, evangelists, and missionaries at the college level. They learn to live by the WAAST motto: “Training for Missio Dei through Pentecostal Servanthood.” Missio Dei means “God’s mission,” and graduates serve in His harvest field in many ways. They are leaders of their national or district church organizations, teach in Bible institutes, or enter other lands as missionaries.

The Assemblies of God Graduate School of Theology (AGGST) provides post-graduate study in Missiology. Its French program, new in 2002, is the first Assemblies of God Master’s degree program in this language.

We invite you to read on to see what the Lord is doing at WAAST and AGGST.

Please note:

- WAAST and AGGST only serve students from West and Central Africa.

- WAAST and AGGST do not offer courses online.

by WAAST | June 2011

A Word from the President

Dear Friends,

Missiologist John York posed these questions: “Will the Pentecostal revival further develop as Africa’s greatest force for evangelism and missions? Or will this revival be relegated to the obscurity of a church history footnote identifying yet another ecclesiastical aberration?” From the inception of the school in 1971, WAAST’s focus has been to empower leaders for the African revival, to ensure that these questions will be answered “Yes” and “No,” respectively. Through effective training, the truth of the gospel will continue to pass from generation to generation, with wonderful results:

- Trained church leaders will bring good news to the hurting.

- Trained church leaders will strengthen the Church in its identity.

- The Church in Africa will be biblical in its worldview.

- The Church will be able to document its Christian and theological journey.

- The Church will have missionary blood flowing through its veins.

WAAST’s main campus in Lomé, Togo, serves as a regional training center for 20 nations in West and Central Africa. Students may attend classes on the Lomé campus or at one of 8 extension centers. The school offers the Bachelor of Theology degree, the Post-Secondary Diploma in Theology and, through the Assemblies of God Graduate School of Theology program, the Master of Arts degree, all in both French and English. WAAST also hosts the PhD program in conjunction with Pan-Africa Theological Seminary. The programs at WAAST are recognized for their quality of academic scholarship and practical emphasis on ministerial skills to enhance the ministry of its students. Each course is taught by a qualified professor.

Spiritual growth, interpersonal relationships, and physical and emotional well-being are also important to WAAST and its dedicated professors. WAAST provides an ambiance in which students can develop life-long patterns of study and behavior that will empower the ministry God has entrusted to His servants. Thus equipped, they have a tremendous opportunity to be change agents in their immediate environment and in their respective communities, from Lome to Ouagadougou, to Freetown, to Kigali, to Kinshasa, to Luanda and to the ends of the earth.

If you come from West or Central Africa, and you want to impact your world through Pentecostal servanthood, we invite you to consider WAAST’s training program. Wherever in the world you may hail from, we invite you to pray for WAAST, and for its students and graduates as they play leading roles in the Pentecostal revival—“Africa’s greatest force for evangelism and missions.”

Sincerely in Him,

Mary Ballenger, President

by Dr. Mary Ballenger | June 2011

Purpose Statement

West Africa Advanced School of Theology (WAAST) trains ministers to pursue excellence in the knowledge and skills needed to enable them to carry out God’s mission (missio Dei) to the nations of the world as Pentecostal servants in the roles of pastor, evangelist, missionary, administrator, and Bible school teacher.

by WAAST | June 2011